Summer Fitness Challenge 2018

We are participating in the 2018 USMS Summer Fitness Challenge.  A 2k swim, done in any manner you desire.  Straight through, as a relay, with fins, or whatever. If you aren’t in shape for this, come out to a few practices first!

We are welcoming visitors and new members – just let us know you’ll be there.

If you use Facebook, can say that you are attending our event:

When is it?

We are doing this during Saturday practice July 21st – starting at 6:30am.

How to Register

Even though we are doing this during practice – this is a fundraiser for USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.  If you are interested in participating, register here:

Entry net proceeds will go to the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

No Practice Sat June 23

Due to Coaches being busy, we will have to cancel practice Saturday, June 23.

Summer league has a meet at the Rec Center until just after noon – so no swimming on your own in the morning there.

We are almost through all the Saturday’s that will need to be canceled this summer.

No Practice Sat June 9

No Evening Practice Picture

We will not have practice Saturday June 9 due to coaches being at various meets.

Summer league does not have a meet at the Rec. Center, so if you wanted to swim on your own later – that could be an option.

Let Coach David know if you have any questions.