Try Us

Interested swimmers are encouraged to try out to see if our team will be a good fit. If you have any questions, ask Coach David.

How to give us a try

  1. Fill out a US Masters Swimming Trial form or be a US Masters Swimming member
  2. Let Coach David know what practices you’ll want to attend so he knows to look for you
  3. Show up!

What is Masters Swimming?

A Masters swim team is a group of adults of varying ages and abilities who come together to improve their swimming skills, enhance fitness, and participate in swim meets and other events should they choose. But you don’t have to compete and there are various virtual challenges as well.

It’s a welcoming and supportive community for swimmers of all levels. Our practices (workouts) are about an hour long with varying skills and distances.

What do I need to know?

Browse through the following to learn about our schedule, locations, ability levels, equipment, and how to join.


Our schedule is fairly consistent, but the location may change. Our schedule page is regularly updated. If there are any last-minute weather or pool issues, they may not be posted, so feel free to email Coach David if you have any questions.

    Morning Practices

    • Mon, Wed, Fri – 5:30-6:30am at Rec
    • Saturday – 7am-8:00am at Rec

    Evening Practices

    • Mon, Tues, Thurs – 7:00pm-8:00pm at Rec Center



    If You Are Less Experienced

    You need to be water safe and be able to swim a few lengths. Our practices are about an hour long. We don’t currently have a learn to swim program. We have worked with less experienced, water safe swimmers and improved their endurance, technique, and skillset.

    If You Are More Experienced

    If you are experienced, we provide flexibility in the workout to reach your goals.

    If it’s been a while

    We encourage you to pay attention to how your body responds. Make sure you work back into swimming at a rate that works for you. If you decide you need to leave a practice early, that’s completely fine.

    How Often Should I Come?

    Whatever works for you and your schedule. There is no required amount of practice. You come when you’d like. A consistent schedule will be helpful for improving and maintaining fitness and skills.

    We do have different rates if you’d like to come as much as possible versus less often.

    Swim Toys

    Getting started

    All you need to get started is a suit and goggles. Get new equipment as you need.

    Recommended Equipment

    The basic equipment is a kickboard, pull buoy, fins, paddles, and something to carry it in. Depending on your ability and goals, different items will have a higher priority. For newer swimmers, fins help a lot with drills. Beyond the basic list, there are snorkels, different kinds of fins and paddles, and other toys too

    How Long Can I Try?

    US Masters Swimming suggests 2 workouts for a try out. If you need more to decide if this is for you, let Coach David know.

    How Much is it?

    • A yearly membership fee paid to US Masters Swimming
    • A monthly team fee – which has a few different tiers based on how often you’d like to attend – which you can see on the join page.

    I’ve decided this is for me!

    Great! Fill out our registration form on the join page!