How to join:

  1. Join/Renew as a U.S. Masters Swimming member.
  2. Fill out our team registration.
    • 1 time per week – $40 a month
    • 2 times per week – $55 a month
    • Unlimited times a week – $65 a month
  3. Get added to our email group and/or follow us on social media.

If you  have any questions or need something, email Coach David.

Step 0 of 3: Try us out

You can come visit us to see if we are a good fit before you join. If you are not a member of US Masters Swimming (USMS), then you will need to become a USMS member or fill out a form for a tryout membership.

More information can be found on our dedicated ‘Try Us’ page.

Step 1 of 3: Be a member of U.S. Masters Swimming

If you aren’t yet, you will need to become a member of U.S. Masters Swimming. You can select Texas Gold Georgetown Masters (GTX) as your club. U.S. Masters Swimming registration happens on the USMS website.

Join/Renew U.S. Masters Membership

Step 2 of 3: Register with our Team and Pay

To register with our team, you will need fill out a Google form. Coach David will email you with an invoice from PayPal when it’s due. You can pay via paypal in the invoice, the venmo account, or in person with cash or a check made out to ‘GTX SWIM LLC’.

Team Registration Form

Membership Levels

  • 1 time per week – $40 a month
  • 2 times per week – $55 a month
  • Unlimited times a week – $65 a month

* Note: 1 time a week is roughly 4-5x a month. 2 times is about 8-9x times a month.

Step 3 of 3: Get Updates

  • Coach David will add you to our Google Group email list if you said yes in registration. Otherwise you can request to be added in the future. It is used to get practice updates, schedule events, and other group emails.
  • Bookmark our website so you can check the latest info.
  • Follow or Like us on Twitter and Facebook.
  • Ask Coach David about our Discord.



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Refer a Friend

Swimming is more fun with a friend! Get them to be a trial member and bring them to a practice! U.S. Masters Swimming also has a “Refer-a-Friend” option on their site


You can add your testimonial:

“As a Sun City resident, I am so glad I found GTX Masters. We have great coaches who have helped me with technique, strength and aerobic capacity. They are also patient, fun and very encouraging. It’s great to have found new friends, of all ages, who love the water as much as I do. Whether you just want to become a better swimmer, or compete in meets (where being “older” provides some real advantages), give GTX Masters a try. It’s worth it!”

“Masters swimming in Georgetown is fun, challenging, and great for the body. Being able to push myself and succeeding feels great. I enjoy being in the water, it is so peaceful and calming. But most of all meeting new friends, lastly where else can you get a great work out and not feel the sweat… Just sayin.”

I have been swimming with GT Masters for nearly two years; I joined primarily in the summer of 2015 to get some additional swim coaching for an upcoming Ironman and have been a member ever since.  The coaches have been very encouraging in helping me improve my swim technique, not only in front crawl, but with butterfly, breast and backstroke. Early last year, I broke my pelvis in a bicycle accident, I was able to get in the pool within 2 weeks and swim, with their help and assistance and I was back on my feet within 12 weeks.   Swimming during my recovery was one of the best things I could have done.
In addition I have made some great friends – my “Swim Buddies”.  We push each other while having fun at the same time.  And when I have a competition coming up, they help push me to swim harder for my race.