No Practice Sat. May 5th

We will not have practice Saturday, May 5th. Coaches will be at different events. One will be at a meet and another at an obstacle course “race”.

If you wish, you may swim on you own at the Rec. Center after it opens at 9am. You can find old workouts in our online workout folder to use.

April 12-16 Practice Changes

Due to Coaches traveling, there will be some practice changes Thursday, April 12, through Monday, April 16. I’ve created workouts and put them in our shared folder for everyday, except Saturday. As always, adjust them as you see fit – or use any of the old workouts.

You can swim at the Rec. Center on your own – but without a U.S. Masters member on deck it isn’t a U.S. Masters practice.

  • April 12 – Thursday Evening: On your own practice
  • April 13 – Friday Morning: On your own practice
  • April 14 – Saturday: No Practice – But the Rec. opens at 9am
  • April 16 – Monday Morning: On your own practice
  • April 16 – Monday Evening: Kelley may be able to be on deck, so this may be a regular practice.

Hope everyone has a good weekend – let Coach David know if you need anything.


Saturday’s practice had a bunch of 25’s…  100 to be exact!   Coach got his steps in for sure, haha.   It was a fun challenge, and expect it again in the future. 🙂

No MLK Day Practices (Mon Jan 15)

The Rec Center is closed for MLK Day.  We are going cancel morning and evening practices for Monday.

If there is any winter weather later in the week, we will swim unless rec is closed.

If you want to do some dryland, here are some suggestions:

Core Strength

Shoulder Exercises