No Practice Tues PM July 10

Coach will be attending end of summer league awards – so we will not have practice Tuesday evening, July 10.

If you want to swim on your own at Rec you can get an old or favorite workout from the workout Dropbox folder. Email coach if you have any questions.

No Practice Sat June 23

Due to Coaches being busy, we will have to cancel practice Saturday, June 23.

Summer league has a meet at the Rec Center until just after noon – so no swimming on your own in the morning there.

We are almost through all the Saturday’s that will need to be canceled this summer.

No Practice Sat June 9

No Evening Practice Picture

We will not have practice Saturday June 9 due to coaches being at various meets.

Summer league does not have a meet at the Rec. Center, so if you wanted to swim on your own later – that could be an option.

Let Coach David know if you have any questions.