Masks on Deck

When arriving to practice please have a face covering on while entering the pool area and when on the pool deck.

You can take them off as you are getting ready to swim and getting in the pool, but maintain your distance from others. We have enough deck space to keep our distance.

After practice you should dry off and then put your mask on.

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2018 Winter Fitness Challenge


We are participating in the USMS Winter Fitness Challenge! This event is a 30 minute swim done in any you want – so equipment and/or relays are ok. The Winter Fitness Challenge is an official fundraiser for the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.

To help organize this, we have created an event on Facebook; make sure you say you are coming:

Make sure you invite your friends! I’m hoping everyone has some fun – plus we might go out afterwards. If your friends are newer swimmers this is a great chance to get introduced into masters swimming. If they need a little boost to train for this, I will welcome them in practice.


We are doing this event at 6:30pm on February 23, 2018 – at the Georgetown Rec. Center.

If you can’t make it then, you can do this on your own time as well. Just make sure you register and do it before the 28th!

How to Register?

To participate, you will need $12 to register for the Winter Fitness Challenge at:

Rec Center Locker Rooms Closed (Feb 8-11)

The Recreation Center locker rooms will be closed for maintenance  February 8-11.  Keep this in mind if you use them to change. I’m assuming the family bathroom will still be open, but I’m not certain.

This should only matter for evening practice Thursday, February 8 and morning practice Friday, February 9th.

The locker room should be open for Monday morning practice.