Fall/Winter Practice Schedule Updated

The practice schedule for the immediate future will be all practices at Rec (except Saturdays).  Morning people, try to get there early the first few times so the Rec swimmers can get adjusted to having us around.

  • Mornings: Mon, Wed, Fri: 5:45-7am at Rec (although I enter when the building opens at 5:30, so you can start ASAP)
  • Evenings: Mon-Thurs: 6:30-7:45pm at Rec.
  • Saturday: 6:30-8am at Village (but we may be able to adjust this a bit)

We will look into having some more practices at Village, but not yet.

Space Station

Our last practice of the season at Williams finished with a fly over of the International Space Station!

That’s what the dot is in the picture 😋

Thanks for the notice Phil!

No Practice Thurs (9/28)

We will not have evening practice tomorrow, September 28th.

If you want to swim, you may workout on your own using one of the workouts in the dropbox folder.  Or you could come to Friday morning practice 🙂

No Practice Sat (8/26)

Everyone can sleep in, if they desire, as we are going to cancel Saturday practice (8/26).

I don’t know if we could fit in a practice or not, but this is me being safe with unsure weather from Hurricane Harvey. So, I’ve elected to take the morning off 😁

I’ll monitor the weather and send out notice Sunday afternoon/evening about Monday morning practice.

In the event you wanted to swim on your own at Rec (If there is no lightning, the pool would open at 9am), then you can use an old workout.

Might be a good time to spend some time on youtube or doing some dryland 😁