Christmas Week Schedule 2020

We will be having a slightly different schedule this week. Monday and Tuesday are regular, Wednesday is 11-12pm and no practice Thursday or Friday. Regular Saturday practice.

Dec 21 Mon AM 5:15-6:15am
Dec 21 Mon PM 7-8pm
Dec 22 Tue PM 7-8pm
Dec 23 Wed AM 11-12pm
Dec 24 Thu No practice 🎄
Dec 25 Fri No practice 🎅

Dec 26 Sat AM 6:45-8am

And this is what our schedule should be the following week:

Dec 28 Mon AM 5:15-6:15am
Dec 28 Mon PM 7-8pm
Dec 29 Tue PM 7-8pm
Dec 30 Wed AM 5:15-6:15am
Dec 31 Thu AM 11-12pm 🎆
Jan 1 Fri No practice 🎆

Jan 2 Sat AM 6:45-8am