Fall Fitness Challenge

Come work off some turkey with us!

We are participating in the 2018 USMS Fall Fitness Challenge.  A 1 mile swim, done in any way you want.  Straight through, as a relay, with fins, or whatever.

We are welcoming visitors and new members – just let us know you’ll be there.

If you use Facebook, can say that you are attending our event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1032338390278483/

How far is a swimming mile?

This article has some great history on why a swimmer mile is 1650 yards: https://swimswam.com/tsc-mysteries-why-is-a-swimming-mile-only-1650-yards/

When is it?

We are doing this during Saturday practice November 24 – starting at 6:30am.

How to Register

Even though we are doing this during practice – this is a fundraiser for USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.  If you are interested in participating, register here: https://www.clubassistant.com/club/form/usms_verify.cfm?form_type=Event+Registration&c=2426&cid=79766

Entry net proceeds will go to the USMS Swimming Saves Lives Foundation.